At The Warrior Flow School, we champion a multidisciplinary approach to yoga.

Our diverse faculty, encompassing yoga facilitators, meditation experts, healthcare professionals, and social justice advocates, ensures an inclusive experience for all.

We're proud to be accessible to wheelchair users and are committed to accommodating individuals with special needs. With a foundation in trauma-informed education, we believe in fostering personal growth, supporting our most vulnerable community members, and driving meaningful social change.

Explore our unique 200-hour program: trauma-informed, adaptive, accessible, and size-inclusive.
Delve into our specialized 300-hour program emphasizing Community Outreach.
Discover our curated collection of trainings tailored for specific communities to enhance your teaching skills.

I developed a skillset on how to be able to adapt my instruction in order to best meet each of my future students’ individual needs and create an inclusive environment.


The staff, the presenters, the support and overall experience has brought a level of presence and awareness to my life and I feel more prepared and eager to share.


This is an amazing school with fantastic facilitators, you never feel alone and there is always someone there to guide or just to listen to you.


Elevating yoga beyond studios, into hearts and communities

Transcend the traditional limits of yoga studio walls and be part of the pioneering online Yoga for Community Outreach Conference.

Connect with a diverse panel of professionals expanding yoga's transformative influence into places such as hospitals, schools, shelters, nursing homes, police stations, jails, juvenile centers, and more.

True accessibility isn't just about adapting postures and movements; it's about grasping the intricate challenges our students face and crafting nurturing spaces for real transformation. It's also about recognizing our shared responsibility in fostering community engagement and making a positive difference.

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At the Warrior Flow School, we deeply understand the transformative impact of yoga, not just for individual well-being but also as a force for positive change and community betterment. Our trainings are rooted in years of teaching in underserved and underprivileged communities, cultivating the true essence of community engagement. We believe in elevating voices, bringing light and hope to every corner of our society.

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Beyond mastering yoga's fundamentals, like postures, movements, breathwork, and its rich history, our training offers depth and nuance. We delve into body anatomy and integrate a trauma-informed approach to both practicing and teaching yoga. Our guidance ensures you tailor teachings to individual and community needs, championing inclusive language and a body-positive stance. This counters the hierarchical or potentially stigmatizing trends pervasive in mainstream yoga. By the end of this training, you'll be equipped and inspired to lead in your community, offering hope through yoga to those often overlooked or without access to such practices.

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Looking to introduce your employees to yoga as a strategy against stress and burnout? Reach out to us today.

Adrian Molina, Warrior Flow, Warrior Flow School

"Sharing the advantages of movement and trauma-informed yoga in places like prisons, homeless shelters, schools, hospices, hospitals, and police stations has deepened my conviction in the universal power of yoga. Moreover, it has filled my heart with hope and purpose.

Our team's most cherished accomplishment is passing on this practice to students worldwide. Our students see in yoga not just a personal journey, but a pathway to a more compassionate and kind world."

- Adrian Molina

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