Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Register for our 200-hour Yoga Alliance-accredited online yoga teacher training

June 21st 2022 - December 21st 2022
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Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Register for our 200-hour Yoga Alliance-accredited online yoga teacher training

June 21st 2022 - December 21st 2022
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The past three years of the pandemic have tremendously changed the way we live our lives, how we work, how we communicate, how we navigate the world, and the many ways we've been practicing yoga—mostly from the comfort of our own home.

If there's one thing for sure, it's that yoga teachers have had to adapt to a lot of challenges to remain open, receptive, and present with their students during these unprecedented times.

The Yoga Teacher of the Future

Learn the necessary skills to adapt your practices from yoga studios to different settings including hospitals, shelters, community centers, senior homes. Learn about the needs of our caregivers. Whether you are planning on becoming a teacher to share your practice with different populations or simply for your own knowledge, our accredited online 200-hour yoga teacher certification will plant the seed for a better world through the teachings of yoga.

You will not only learn how to teach a yoga class or sequence the postures for a well-rounded experience, but you'll also learn the subtleties of body anatomy, how to understand these postures from the inside out, and adapting postures based on clients' individual and unique needs. You will learn about the importance of using non-stigmatizing language and teaching from a body-positive approach to yoga instead of a hierarchical, purely physical/alignment-based one.

But we want to go even further. So in this unique training, we are also including very specific topics that address unique health and social-related issues including disability, yoga and the LGBTQIA+ community, grief yoga, nurturing communities through online teaching, yoga and COVID-19, trauma-sensitive yoga, among many others. We basically want to empower you to take this training and be able to apply it to your own communities, whenever and wherever!

Upon successful completion of this training, you will receive a diploma that allows you to share yoga with the world. All around the world.

Adrian Molina

Adrian Molina

About the facilitator

Adrian Molina has been teaching yoga since 2004, with an extensive worldwide following. Adrian is also a writer, meditation teacher, sound therapist, End-of-Life Doula, Mental Health First Aid facilitator, ambassador for Accessible Yoga and Yoga for All, and a Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F).

"Bringing the benefits of movement and accessible yoga to prisons, homeless shelters, schools, hospices, hospitals, and police stations has shown me that this practice can benefit everyone. 

It is my greatest accomplishment to be able to teach and share this practice with other students who want to make this world a kinder and more compassionate place through yoga."

Benefits of training with us

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Learn at your own pace

Lectures are pre-recorded so you can learn and re-watch lessons whenever you want.
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200 hours of education

In-depth curriculum in tune with the needs of a growing population.
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Exchange with the community

Live sessions and a community platform available to answer all your question.

Meet our Faculty

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Adrian Molina
E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Sunny Barbee
E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Rodrigo Souza
RYT 200

Yanti Amos
E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Shawn J. Moore
RYT 500, Meditation Teacher

Andrea Borrero
E-RYT 500, CPT

Dennis Hunter

Dennis Hunter
RYT 200, Meditation Teacher

Yari Sequeira
Licensed mental health counselor

Ross Pirowskin
Physical Therapist

Cynthia Rivera
Medicinae Doctor

Kathleen Kowall

Kathleen Kowall

Why choose the Warrior Flow School?

The Warrior Flow School in partnership with the Warrior Flow Foundation have been sharing the gifts of yoga in hospitals, jails, police stations, schools, and homeless shelters. We have designed specific programs for each of these unique populations to elevate them and support them on their journey, even when they feel most vulnerable and deprived of their humanity.

Whether you're practicing alone or with a community, the essence of yoga embodies the qualities of equality, inclusivity, social justice, and love.

The Warrior Flow School is an international yoga school that understands the changing landscape of yoga since Covid 19, and prepares teachers for success by understanding that yoga is not only limited to being taught at a yoga studio but has the potential to cross any boundary and demolish all sorts of obstacles to support and elevate participants anywhere, everywhere, regardless of their unique experiences and life circumstances.

We take pride in certifying internationally-accredited professional yoga teachers who will make a difference in the world and within their own communities.

At the Warrior Flow School, we know the importance of how yoga can improve not only our own well-being but also affect social change and public health. Our course is based on years of teaching experience while working with underserved and underprivileged communities.

Here is a short overview of what you will learn in the Warrior Flow School 200-hour Online Yoga Training

A background in yoga philosophy and its relationship to Hinduism and Buddhism

An understanding of the current and pressing social issues and how the practice of yoga is a practice of social justice, anti-racism, and inclusivity

An understanding of cultural appreciation

Helping your students experience the benefits of the yoga postures by providing verbal and visual cues, consent, and, if necessary, mindful physical assists

100 yoga postures and ways to adapt them according to the needs of different populations

Yoga anatomy, yoga kinesiology, and the latest research in the world of movement

How to teach a multi-level yoga class

Creating a yoga sequence that prepares the body and joints for a greater range of motion

Teaching not only yoga but understanding the science of breath (Pranayama) as a standalone practice or as part of your yoga class

Establishing a meditation practice and sharing that with your students

Introduction to different techniques and styles of meditation, such as yoga Nidra, muscle progressive relaxation, and other techniques of relaxation from a range of different fields

Building a sustainable yoga business plan and sharing your newly-learned skills with the world

Learning about different yoga modules: accessible yoga, chair yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga, yoga for the lower back, yoga for depression and anxiety, and prenatal yoga

Gaining an understanding of mental health and how it relates to yoga

Trauma theory and trauma-sensitive yoga

Post-course completion support and mentoring

When you enroll in our course, you will receive

Access to more than 200-hours of yoga classes

100+ hours of lessons

Live Q&A

An all-inclusive PDF yoga manual

Access to our online community portal

Free access to more than 400 classes on Warrior Flow TV

A set of assignments to track your progress

Quizzes to test your knowledge

Unlimited access to your team leader and faculty

12-month access to the course

Register for the Warrior Flow School 200-hour Online Yoga Training

$ 2,000.00
  • From June 21st 2022 to December 21st
  • 12-month access to the online course
  • Unlimited access to the community platform

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