Community & Continuity

At Warrior Flow School, we deeply value the journey of lifelong learning, the necessity of continuous education, and, most importantly, the ongoing support from teachers and peers. We understand that completing our 200-hour training course marks a significant milestone for a yoga facilitator, yet we also recognize the challenges and the need for a supportive community during the transition from training to real-world application. This transition period can be daunting as you step into community outreach, and we're committed to making this shift smoother for you.

In response to our students' feedback, we are excited to offer an extended 6-month access to our live offerings following the completion of our training programs. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between training completion and the initial steps into the broader world of caregiving and teaching. It's not just about maintaining connections; it's about providing a reliable, safe space for sharing experiences, continuing education, seeking guidance, and continuing to challenge and enhance your skills. Our offerings include access to live weekend training sessions, peer support round tables and mentoring sessions.

Our extended support through peer engagement and educational resources ensures that our students always have a 'home' to return to for their educational and professional growth. We strive to be a safe, nurturing space for all our students, supporting them through every challenge and celebrating each triumph along their path. Join us in this extended journey, where learning never stops and community always welcomes you.

We believe that education is a lifelong pursuit, and we are committed to supporting you on your path to success.

Stay Connected

  • Weekend Sessions: Access live sessions from ongoing cohorts for flexible learning.
  • Mentoring Sessions: Access live mentoring with lead instructors to deepen your practice.
  • Mentoring Session Library: Explore a vast archive of recorded group sessions for diverse learning perspectives.
  • Peer-Support Round Tables: Participate in live discussions for support and networking with peers.
  • 6-Month Auto-Renewal Package: Enjoy continuous access with a 6-month package that automatically renews for your convenience.