200-hour Trauma-Informed, Accessible, Adaptive and Size-Inclusive Yoga Training

2024 sessions:

  • June 16th - December 15th
  • September 7th - March 22nd 2025
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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training:
Your Launchpad to a Purposeful Yoga Journey

At the Warrior Flow School of Yoga, we believe that a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a foundational course. It's the beginning of a transformative journey both personally and professionally.

Why Train With Us?

Home-Based Learning

Home-Based Learning

Access our pre-recorded lectures at your leisure, reviewing lessons as needed.

Live Training Sessions

Live Training Sessions

Benefit from fifteen 2-hour live sessions, spread across your 6-month journey.

Exclusive Online Portal

Exclusive Online Portal

Connect with faculty and peers using our unique online community software.

We delve deep into the profound impact of yoga within communities, highlighting its relevance in community outreach, engagement, and trauma-informed practices.

Our fully-accredited online 200-hour yoga teacher certification is designed not just to educate, but to inspire change.

With a comprehensive curriculum spread over a 6-month period, our training provides future facilitators with unparalleled resources, ensuring they emerge well-rounded, informed, and ready to make a difference. We're sowing the seeds for a brighter, more compassionate world through the teachings of yoga.

By becoming a Yoga Facilitator with the Warrior Flow School, you'll be empowered to shine as a beacon of change, extending yoga's benefits to communities that need it most. Our Yoga Alliance-approved, signature 200-hour training offers a transformative journey, enabling you to uplift and serve, making a lasting impact on fellow citizens and communities.

Here is an overview of what you will learn in the
Warrior Flow School 200-hour Online Yoga Training

Yoga philosophy, Hinduism and Buddhism

100+ yoga postures and shapes

How to teach a multi-level yoga class

How to adapt yoga to different populations

Science-based relaxation techniques

Breath practices for self-regulation

Embodied anatomy and kinesiology

How to prevent most common injuries

How to be a successful yoga facilitator

The importance of chair yoga practice

Adaptive yoga for wheelchair users

Perinatal, prenatal & postnatal yoga

Yoga and mindfulness for children

Yin yoga and restorative yoga

The intersection of mental health and yoga

Yoga for anxiety and depression

Introduction to polyvagal theory

Trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness

The importance of yoga for grief and loss

Understanding yoga for eating disorders

The relevance of bedside yoga

The importance of yoga for recovery

Yoga for Parkinson's Disease

Adaptive yoga for amputees

The importance of yoga for cancer

Yoga for cardiac patients

Trauma-informed military yoga

Yoga for deaf and hard of hearing

Inclusivity and social justice

The role of a yoga caregiver

If you still have questions, check out our FAQ.

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It is rare to find a yoga training that includes a rich faculty of medical experts who each speak from their own experience in the field.

If you’re looking for a training that will teach you how to become a better human and extend your offering beyond the traditional spaces of yoga and wellness studios and into the wider community, this training here is one of a kind.


Meet our Faculty

Click on a faculty member to learn more about them

Adrian Molina
Lead Yoga Facilitator

Andrea Borrero
Lead Yoga Facilitator

Rodrigo Souza
Adaptive Yoga Facilitator

Yariela Sequeira
Mental Health Counselor

Shawn J. Moore
Mindfulness Facilitator

Sunny Barbee
Chair Yoga Facilitator

Claudia Lumpkin
Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Facilitator

Dennis Hunter
Nervous System Expert

Cynthia Rivera
Infectious Disease Specialist, M.D.

Jacoby Ballard
Social Justice Educator

Cara-Lea Suttie
Body Peace Facilitator

David Wilson
Movement Teacher

Anita Silvestro
Military Yoga Facilitator

Juan Guzman

Charlotte Chandler Stone
Yoga Therapist

Sam Schaefer
Amputee Advocate

Molly Lannon Kenny
Bedside Yoga Facilitator

Jackie Angulo
Kids Yoga Facilitator

Dianne Bondy
Equity Advocate

Yanti Amos
Yoga Facilitator

Rebecca Alexander

Becky Aten
Neurodiversity Advocate

Kimberly Brown
Lovingkindness Meditation Facilitator

Keri Brooks
Yoga for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Facilitator

Natalia Tabilo
Yoga Facilitator for All Bodies

Renee Le Verrier
Yoga for Movement Disorders

Aubrey Lawrence
School Yoga Educator

Chris Moran
Chief Nursing Officer

You will not only learn how to teach a yoga class or sequence the postures for a well-rounded experience, but you'll also learn the subtleties of body anatomy, how to understand these postures from the inside out, and adapting postures based on clients individual and unique needs. You will learn about the importance of using non-stigmatizing language and teaching from a body-positive approach to yoga instead of a hierarchical, purely physical/alignment-based one.

By taking our 200-hour teacher training, you'll immerse yourself in a program that integrates specialized community outreach modules. These modules address a wide range of health and societal opportunities, including yoga for the differently-abled, support for the LGBTQIA+ community, yoga outreach for people in homeless shelters, yoga programs for people in jails, grief yoga, trauma-sensitive practices, and much more.

Taking the Warrior Flow School accessible yoga teacher training is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

The content is excellent. I love the online six-month format because it fits into my busy life. It also gives me time to internalize the lessons and establish a more consistent practice.

I’m 61, and I would never have done this if it weren’t for the accessible, inclusive approach to yoga I found with Adrian Molina.


There is something different about the Warrior Flow School approach.  The faculty…and the fellow aspiring Yogi’s I have met…all have this incredible light about them that made me realize this wasn’t just about Yoga…this was about LIFE.

To say this experience so far has been amazing… I have ZERO regrets about walking this road with Adrian, his staff and my fellow classmates, and I cannot wait to continue this ride and come out not only hopefully a Yogi, but a better person ready to give back to a world that needs a lot of love.


Upon enrolling in our course you will receive...

Over 200 hours of curated content

30+ live hours with faculty via Zoom

Library with 500+ yoga classes

Access to our community portal

24/7 support from our team

One-on-one with faculty

Guides on key yoga postures

Year's access to course library

If you still have questions, check out our FAQ.

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