300-hour Community & Health Resilience Yoga Training

A 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training for those committed to making a difference in our communities.

March 29th 2025 - December 20th 2025

"Embracing advanced yoga education requires a unique spirit. It's a heartfelt response to the needs of our communities, recognizing the deep ties that bind us all. I dream of a world where yoga isn't just consumed but generously shared, not merely in traditional settings but branching into mental health, caregiving, and public health arenas. For too long, yoga has been pigeonholed as a luxury wellness practice. We're here to change that narrative. Our facilitators don't just talk the talk; they live the mission. Together, we make a meaningful difference, one individual at a time."

- Adrian Molina

At The Warrior Flow School, we believe yoga can transform communities.

Our 200-hour training set the benchmark for accessible, trauma-informed yoga for community needs.

Now, we're excited about our 300-hour Community & Health Resilience Yoga Training.

If you've completed our 200-hour training or another, this program is for you. Deepen your knowledge of trauma-informed yoga and see how it can address major health issues.

We focus on heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and suicide - five of the top ten causes of death in the US.

This training is for yoga teachers, nurses, hospice volunteers, caregivers, health pros, and community leaders.

Yoga is more than personal growth. It's a tool for real societal change.

Why Train With Us?

Home-Based Learning 300-h

Home-Based Learning

Access our pre-recorded lectures at your leisure, reviewing lessons as needed.

Live Training Sessions 300-h

Live Training Sessions

Benefit from twenty 2-hour live sessions, spread across your 6-month journey.

Exclusive Online Portal 300-h

Exclusive Online Portal

Connect with faculty and peers using our unique online community software.

Why Choose Our 300hr Training?

Our training isn't just lessons. It's a call to action. We stress community outreach. We shape you into a skillful facilitator. Our expert team brings together yoga, mental health, public health, and community outreach.

Here is an overview of what you will learn in the
Warrior Flow School 300-hour Online Yoga Training

Techniques, Training and Practice

Decode: Matrix

Elevate: Breath and Meditation

Progress: Sequencing

Evolve: Chair immersion

Expand: Props

Improve: Trauma Informed Meditation

Teaching Methodology

Crafting Your Voice

Learning Styles

Effective Cueing + Non-Hierarchial Language

Anatomy and Physiology

Injury Managment: The Hip

Injury Managment: The Shoulder

Injury Management: The Spine

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

Ethical + Legal Boundaries of Adaptive Yoga

Anatomical Insights into Chakra Theory

The Common Threads of Faith: A Comparative Study

The Potential of Food

Warrior Flow School Focused Modules

How Yoga can Change the Mental Health Landscape

Techniques targeting the 5 of the top 10 causes of death in the US: Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Stroke, Suicide

Yoga for Palliative Care + End of Life + The process of dying

Beyond the Uniform

Becoming a Caregiver / Resilience and PTG

Reframing Restorative Yoga for an Adaptive Practice

Reframing Yin Yoga for an Adaptive Practice

Rasha, Testimonials, Warrior Flow, Warrior Flow School

It is rare to find a yoga training that includes a rich faculty of medical experts who each speak from their own experience in the field.

If you’re looking for a training that will teach you how to become a better human and extend your offering beyond the traditional spaces of yoga and wellness studios and into the wider community, this training here is one of a kind.


Meet our Faculty

Click on a faculty member to learn more about them

Adrian Molina
Lead Yoga Facilitator

Andrea Borrero
Lead Yoga Facilitator

Sunny Barbee
Accessible Yoga Facilitator

Charlotte Chandler Stone
Yoga Therapist

Yariela Sequeira
Mental Health Counselor

Some guest speakers will also be joining our faculty of experts.

Empower. Transform. Support.

Join us on this journey where yoga meets holistic care. Let's create a healthier, more connected future, one breath at a time.

What Sets Us Apart?


Many 300-hour trainings focus on deepening yoga. We go further. We tackle major health challenges head-on and champion community. Learn techniques for: Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's and Suicide.

We also dive into areas others might avoid. Our training covers end-of-life care and hospice practices. Areas often left out by many yoga programs. We prep our grads to support people during hard times, including recovery and end-of-life care.

There is something different about the Warrior Flow School approach.  The faculty…and the fellow aspiring Yogi’s I have met…all have this incredible light about them that made me realize this wasn’t just about Yoga…this was about LIFE.

To say this experience so far has been amazing… I have ZERO regrets about walking this road with Adrian, his staff and my fellow classmates, and I cannot wait to continue this ride and come out not only hopefully a Yogi, but a better person ready to give back to a world that needs a lot of love.


Taking the Warrior Flow School accessible yoga teacher training is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

The content is excellent. I love the online six-month format because it fits into my busy life. It also gives me time to internalize the lessons and establish a more consistent practice.

I’m 61, and I would never have done this if it weren’t for the accessible, inclusive approach to yoga I found with Adrian Molina.


When you enroll in our course, you will receive

Over 300 hours of curated content

40+ live hours with faculty via Zoom

Library with 500+ yoga classes

Access to our community portal

24/7 support from our team

One-on-one with faculty

Guides on key yoga postures

Year's access to course library

They Trust Us

CMR South Africa
Camilus House
Chapman Partnership
Mount Sinai
Masithethe South Africa
NAMI Miami Dade

Looking to introduce your employees to yoga as a strategy against stress and burnout? Reach out to us today.

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