Fundamentals of Chair Yoga

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We are happy to introduce our latest 4-hour training program dedicated to the Fundamentals of Chair Yoga. This comprehensive course is specifically designed to equip yoga instructors and practitioners with the essential knowledge and skills to create accessible and inclusive yoga classes using chairs as props. Whether you are a yoga teacher looking to expand your offerings or an individual seeking a gentle yet impactful practice, this training is perfect for you.

Meet your Instructor

Jacquie “Sunny” Barbee is an E-RYT 200/500 RYT yoga teacher living in the Panhandle of Florida. 

Sunny practices asana in an aging, plus sized body with chronic illness and is able to help others with similar issues find safer and more enjoyable ways to customize their practice and connect to their own bodies. 

She loves leading gentle yoga and seated chair yoga classes at senior centers, rehab facilities and working with veterans. She is certified in Accessible Yoga; Yoga for All Bodies; Mind Body Solutions; and Yin Yoga.

Fundamentals of Chair Yoga

Chair yoga holds immense importance as it brings the benefits of yoga to individuals who may have limited mobility, balance issues, or find it challenging to practice on the mat. By incorporating the use of chairs as a prop, chair yoga creates a safe and supportive environment for individuals of all abilities to experience the transformative power of yoga. It enhances flexibility, strength, and balance, while also promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and overall well-being.

With chair yoga, the boundaries of traditional practice are dissolved, and yoga becomes accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitations or circumstances. Our training empowers you to bring the healing benefits of yoga to diverse populations and create an inclusive space where everyone can experience the joy and transformation of the practice.

The curriculum of this training is organized into the following sections, providing a comprehensive understanding of chair yoga:

  • Introduction to Chair Yoga:
    • Gain insights into the history, philosophy, and principles of this specialized practice.
  • Fundamentals of Chair Yoga:
    • Dive into learning proper alignment, modifications, and variations of yoga poses specifically adapted for chair practice.
  • Breakdown of Yoga Class Components:
    • Explore each part of a yoga class, with detailed explanations of poses and movements suitable for chair yoga.
    • Learn warm-up exercises, standing and seated poses, and a wide range of sequences that can be incorporated into chair yoga classes.
    • Each pose and movement will be thoroughly explained, ensuring a safe and effective practice for all participants.


By following this structured curriculum, you will develop a strong foundation in chair yoga, understanding its principles, and gaining the necessary knowledge to confidently lead chair yoga sessions.


By enrolling in our Fundamentals of Chair Yoga training, you are recognizing the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in the practice of yoga. You are taking a step towards creating an environment where individuals of all abilities can engage in yoga and benefit from its transformative effects. By embracing the use of chairs and adapting yoga poses, we break down barriers and empower individuals to practice yoga without limitations. Through this training, we can collectively expand the reach of yoga, making it available to a wider audience and positively impacting the lives of those seeking a gentle, accessible, and inclusive practice.

Learn the fundamentals of Chair Yoga

  • 4 hours of pre-recorded content with ​Jacquie “Sunny” Barbee (including lectures & practices)
  • 12 months access to the training
  • Access to the Warrior Flow School Community platform for additional resources and to engage with other students
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