Hamsa Pranayama Training

Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar, Hamsa Pranayama Training

Learn about the subtle layers of breath in our Hamsa Pranayama Training, a 4-hour course with renowned instructor Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar. Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this program offers an introduction to breath and meditation, stress reduction techniques, and classical breathing methods to enrich your life.

Meet your Instructor

Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar is a fervent advocate for group meditation and Pranayama, guiding many towards self-transformation through her workshops and inspirational talks globally via her YouTube channel. During this training, you will focus on stress release and cleansing practices. Her notable work, "The Present – A Gift from the Divine" endorsed by the Dalai Lama, explores happiness and living in the moment. With a rich background in philosophy and teaching Hindu mythology across continents, Kanchana's life journey encompasses India, Mexico, Argentina, and the US.

Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar Portrait

Embark on a transformative journey with Hamsa Pranayama training, designed to unlock the full potential of your breath and enhance your well-being.

As you delve deeper into the practice, you'll find benefits extending beyond physical health to enrich your emotional and mental landscapes, uplifting both personal and professional spheres while harnessing the ancient wisdom from India.

Empower Your Life Through Breath: Explore the Power of Hamsa Pranayama

Our transformative training covers therapeutic healing breathworks, including:

  • Introduction to breathing and meditation, stress-relief techniques
  • Breathing for stress management with an overview of Chakras
  • Deep dive into Pranayama and benefits for energy flow
  • Exploration of Nadis and balancing breathwork for mental clarity
  • Insights into Pranayama science with medical research highlights
  • Comprehensive understanding of Hamsa Pranayama, including advanced exercises
  • Practical tips and do’s and don’ts for daily practice
  • Exclusive Hamsa Pranayama technique session for a 10-minute daily routine
  • Conclusion with Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and benefit absorption

Deepen your understanding, and become an agent of positive change within the yoga community and beyond.

  • 4 hours of pre-recorded content with Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar (including lectures & practices)
  • 12 months access to the training
  • Access to the Warrior Flow School Community platform for additional resources and to engage with other students
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