Live Events

In addition to our traditional trainings, we also host regular live events.

Watch the recordings of all our live on our YouTube Channel.

Tuesday, June 25th - 12pm EST
The journey of Menopause: Yoga to support female health in the transition to our “Second Spring”

Join us for a special online live event on June 25th at 12 PM Eastern Time, hosted by Amanda Dawn Blackley and Adrian Molina, co-founder of the Warrior Flow School.

"As women, we are naturally cyclical beings, and our well-being is very closely connected to our hormones. The great wisdom which exists within the cycles we experience throughout our lives, is ancient and abundant, and particularly potent when our hormone levels begin to readjust as we move towards ‘Menopause’.

Although society is slowly catching up, there is still a great lack of information, taboos and shaming related to such a vital and empowering chapter in every woman’s life. For many women these ebbs and flows can be challenging and destabilizing, so it becomes vital that we gain greater understanding and awareness of how our hormones affect our physical, mental and psycho-emotional health.

In this presentation we will explore the unique experience of each woman and how we may be affected by hormone fluctuations (on average at 40+) along with ways we might gradually accommodate and adjust to this new season in our lives.  

Yoga is one of many wonderful tools that we can adapt and integrate for cultivating greater inner listening, self-awareness and acceptance of our changing body, energy and emotions." - Amanda.

Monday, July 8th - 12.30pm EST
Yoga as a Lifeline for Nurses: Stress Relief and Patient Care Strategies

Join us for an insightful live event on July 8th at 12:30 PM Eastern Time, hosted by Adrian Molina and featuring Chioma Okoye, a graduate of Warrior Flow School and a dedicated nurse.

Discover how yoga can benefit nurses in their daily lives, from managing personal stress to improving patient care. Chioma will share practical techniques and strategies that integrate the worlds of nursing and yoga, offering valuable insights for healthcare professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and connect!