Personal Development

When was the first time I ever thought about personal development? Or better yet, when did I realize that being alive is great, but you still have to put in the hours to know yourself?

Moving to the United States marked a significant turning point. Thanks to a dear friend, I enrolled in reiki classes. Before yoga, there was reiki.

Reiki, an energy healing practice, has various levels, often referred to as initiations. To become a reiki teacher, you must show that you understand the practice's value, typically costing around $10,000.  

In the States, I found myself immersed in weekly classes on spirituality, zodiac signs, color therapy, and other alternative techniques. At 22, I joined a local reiki clinic held in a beautiful house with a big backyard full of plants and trees. We, the students, provided reiki to people suffering from various issues, with or without touch, depending on the student’s preference.

Despite its cultish appearance, I didn’t witness miracles. But once initiated, I spent 21 days practicing reiki on myself, marking my first venture into self-care and personal development without realizing it. 

This experience planted the seed for community, connection, and people coming together.

Years later, in Miami and New York, students often asked if I was a reiki practitioner or master. 

Reiki was my first love, making me feel centered and taking good care of my nervous system.

Currently, I find myself navigating everyday life, seeking personal development and spiritual connection.

With yoga and meditation off the table due to conflict of interest, gardening became my new passion. Eating homegrown tomatoes and watching my watermelons and cucumbers grow brings joy. Dancing daily, a suggestion I borrowed from my partner’s therapist, also helps. Today, we sang to three songs from the 80s and 90s.

I also signed up to become an art therapist, seeking deeper connections and ways to express myself. 

Everything I’ve pursued since my reiki days has benefited others, but the excitement now comes from realizing I need to prioritize my self-development too.

When all the ducks are aligned, they look beautiful in the lake.

Reflecting on this journey, I encourage you to consider:

  • What are you doing to feel connected?
  • What are you doing to take care of yourself?
  • When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Taking the time to reflect on these questions can help you understand your path to personal development and spiritual connection. 

Each step you take towards self-care not only benefits you but can also positively impact those around you.


  • Adrian Molina

    Adrian Molina, a prominent figure in community organization and mental health advocacy, dedicates his life to fostering connections and effecting positive change, particularly among marginalized groups. With a background in social service, including work in homeless shelters and maximum security prisons, Adrian emphasizes the importance of mind-body practices in healthcare and law enforcement. As the founder of Warrior Flow, Adrian offers trauma-informed yoga education worldwide, targeting those in community outreach and the medical field. He's a passionate mental health advocate, volunteering with crisis hotlines, serving as an ambassador for NAMI, and training for various programs focused on suicide prevention and child abuse. Adrian is also working on a memoir exploring themes of mental health, resilience, and growth. Adrian's influence spans globally, inspiring hope and change in countless lives. Click link below to learn more about Adrian’s work.

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