The Advantage of a Multi-Disciplinary Faculty

Learning from our multi-disciplinary faculty can offer several advantages when you enroll in our 200hr yoga teacher training program. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Diverse perspectives: a multi-disciplinary faculty can bring diverse perspectives to the training program, offering a broader range of knowledge and experience than a single-discipline program.
  2. Holistic approach: a multi-disciplinary faculty can offer a more holistic approach to teaching yoga, integrating different disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, and philosophy to create a more comprehensive understanding of the practice.
  3. Professional development: our faculty can enhance a teacher’s ability to work with different populations and offer more personalized instruction.
  4. Specialized knowledge: our faculty can offer specialized knowledge in specific areas, such as trauma-sensitive yoga, prenatal yoga, oncology yoga, yoga for Parkinson’s disease, that can prepare future yoga teachers for working with diverse populations and needs.
  5. Collaborative learning: a multi-disciplinary faculty can offer a collaborative learning environment fostering a sense of community and support.

Our faculty of teachers can offer a more comprehensive and diverse learning experience for yoga teacher trainees, providing a broader range of knowledge and experience that can enhance a teacher’s ability to work with different populations and offer personalized instruction and make a change in our communities.

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  • Adrian Molina

    Adrian Molina, a prominent figure in community organization and mental health advocacy, dedicates his life to fostering connections and effecting positive change, particularly among marginalized groups. With a background in social service, including work in homeless shelters and maximum security prisons, Adrian emphasizes the importance of mind-body practices in healthcare and law enforcement. As the founder of Warrior Flow, Adrian offers trauma-informed yoga education worldwide, targeting those in community outreach and the medical field. He's a passionate mental health advocate, volunteering with crisis hotlines, serving as an ambassador for NAMI, and training for various programs focused on suicide prevention and child abuse. Adrian is also working on a memoir exploring themes of mental health, resilience, and growth. Adrian's influence spans globally, inspiring hope and change in countless lives. Click link below to learn more about Adrian’s work.