Women's Circle

WF School Faculty

What is a Women's Circle?

A women's circle is a gathering of women who come together to support each other, share their experiences, and provide a sense of community.

The Warrior Flow School Women's Circle will focus on a variety of topics such as personal growth, healing, and spiritual development.

Sometimes, the experience of being a woman in the world can only be understood by other women. For those situations, women have increasingly been turning to formalized women’s circles for spiritual connection, kinship, and support.

To join our monthly Women's Circle, join the Warrior Flow School community for only $6.99 a month.

In addition to access to the Women's Circle, you will also receive access to our book club, schedule of live and pre-recorded yoga classes, special events and more.

March Women's Circle

Empowerment Edition

Sunday, 19th March 2023 at 3pm EDT

During this gathering there will be conscious movement for relaxation, meaningful conversations and interactions.

Host: Yanti Amos


Yanti is a former lawyer, instructor and wellness industry mentor. She has practiced martial arts since she was a teenager and yoga since 2003. 

Guest: Anita Silvestro


Anita Silvestro is a Former United States Marine, current IT Director and Sole Proprietor of Marion's Crafts - rustic hand made crafts from reclaimed wood. She is a Warrior Flow YTT-200 graduate and current Yogi Coach for WFS and will be facilitating a module on Military Informed Yoga from a Trauma perspective later this year.

Why Join our Women's Circle?

The aim behind our Women's Circle is to share perspectives and stories, to heal and thrive together. Women supporting women.

In the monthly gathering, you are invited to come as you are, no matter what you have experienced in your life.

We will share our tales of difficult life circumstances and trauma, as well as our achievements and milestones. We don’t look the other way when it comes to challenging topics and we encourage open & honest discussions.

As most of us reintegrate to our old routines some questions remain:

  • How do we transition back into work life?
  • Which relationships are meaningful to us and are worth nurturing?
  • How can we heal personal relationships?

In the presence of other women we can help each other heal and thrive.

All women are welcome to join us.

Group of Women